How to Apply Makeup in 6 Easy Steps with Professional Tools

Makeup 6 Steps Professional Tools Healthhyme
How do you know what kind of foundation you have to use? What’s the difference between liquid and gel eyeliner? Where you are supposed to apply bronzer? What is highlighter? And for goodness’ sake, how on earth do you get... Read more

Creating & Building The Makeup Kit For Special Occasion

Makeup Kit Creating Lifehyme
As a makeup artist, it is highly important to create a makeup “kit” that will serve as your toolbox for your bridal and special occasion makeup business. Because of germs and sanitation, it is not wise to use your personal... Read more

Important Things To Know When Doing Makeup For Photography

Eye Face Makeup Photography Lifehyme
For most weddings and special events, there will be many photographs being taken of your client. Especially for events where photos are a large part of the occasion, it is essential to know how your makeup will photograph. If you’re... Read more

Lips, Cheeks and Brows – All You Need To Know

Lips Cheeks and Brows Lifehyme
Weddings and special event makeup is not complete without finishing off the lips, cheeks and brows. In this article, you will learn about the many different product options for lip, cheek and brow products, and best practices when it comes... Read more

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks – A Beginners Guide

Eyes are arguably one of the most important features on the face, and it is especially important to accentuate them for a wedding or special event. Since the shape, colour and size of eyes can vary significantly, it is essential... Read more

Get Ready For Natural Face Makeup – A Step by Step Guide

Face Makeup Step By Step Guide Lifehyme
Creating an excellent base for your makeup is just as important as the makeup itself! As the makeup artist, you are responsible for making your client’s skin the perfect palette for your work. By taking appropriate steps to prepare the... Read more