14 Ways to Destroy Women’s Egos Instantly

Destroy Women Ego

When it comes to relationships and interactions between men and women, there are a myriad of perspectives on what strategies work best. This thread delves into ways that can instantly deflate a woman’s ego, according to some psychological observations.

This is not a guide for healthy relationships, but rather a controversial take on certain behaviors that may impact women’s self-esteem. Proceed with caution and remember that mutual respect and understanding are key to any successful relationship.

1. No Validation

Avoid giving compliments or acknowledging her looks. Refrain from putting her on a pedestal, especially if you believe she hasn’t earned it. Free compliments can inflate her ego unnecessarily.

2. Look at Other Women

Subtly let her know that you notice other women. This can be done without being overtly disrespectful. The key is to maintain a balance where she knows your eyes aren’t solely on her.

3. Never Argue or Get Emotional

Refrain from engaging in arguments or showing emotional investment. This gives the impression that you are indifferent and not afraid of losing her, which can challenge her ego.

4. Never Ask for Commitment

Let her be the one to bring up commitment and relationship progression. If you seem too eager for commitment, she might perceive you as overly invested, which could boost her ego.

5. Don’t Get Excited to Know Her

Maintain a level of disinterest in her personal life. Avoid being overly eager to hang out or ask about her life. Keep your text conversations devoid of too much emotion or enthusiasm, such as avoiding the use of emojis.

6. Don’t Be Eager for Sex

Avoid showing a desperate desire for sex. Women can use this as a means to control or manipulate, knowing they have power over you through physical intimacy.

7. Dress Nicely in Public

Ensure you are well-dressed and presentable. When you look good, it shifts the attention onto you, and other people, including women, might notice you more than her.

8. Don’t Contact Her After Sex

After being intimate, avoid contacting her. This prevents her from thinking that you are hooked because of the sexual experience. Instead, let her reach out if she wants to.

9. Don’t Go Down on Her

Avoid performing oral sex as it can be seen as a significant validation. Keeping this off the table can be a way to withhold special treatment and maintain a sense of control.

10. Never Show Jealousy

Refrain from showing jealousy if another man shows interest in her. Demonstrating confidence and security in yourself suggests you are not threatened by competition.

11. Never Be Too Available

Keep a busy schedule and avoid being too available for her. This reinforces that you have other priorities and interests, which can prevent her from feeling overly important.

12. Never Chase Validation

Don’t seek validation from her. This suggests you are confident in your value and don’t need her approval to feel good about yourself.

13. Prioritize Your Goals

Always put your goals above hers. This asserts that your ambitions are more significant and that you have a clear direction in life independent of her.

14. Be Random with Texting

Avoid consistent and predictable texting patterns. Leaving her on read or being sporadic with your responses keeps her guessing and prevents her from feeling secure in the relationship.

Final Thoughts

These behaviors are often rooted in power dynamics and control, which can be detrimental to building a healthy, respectful relationship. Mutual respect, open communication, and genuine care should be the foundation of any interaction between men and women. Understanding and empathizing with each other’s emotions and perspectives leads to more fulfilling and balanced relationships.

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