Bipasha Basu Killing Bikini and Swimwear Photos

lifehyme bipasha basu bikini hot killing photos
Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has been away from cinema for a long time. But somewhere about her hotness, she is completely in the news. Even at the age of 40, Bipasha Basu continues to amaze fans with her glamour and... Read more

Instagram Rich List 2021 – Cristiano Ronaldo Ranks First

Instagram Rich List 2021 Lifehyme
Hollywood celebs are at the forefront of earning. The Instagram Rich List, which annually ranks celebs and Instagram influencers based on how much they are paid for each post they promote on the social networking site, was out. released... Read more

Top 45 Famous Indian Magazines in English Language

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A magazine is a periodical work which is mainly weekly. Magazines are published from one day to weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly and also indefinitely. Magazines are typically financed by advertising, by purchase price, by prepaid subscriptions, or... Read more

Kiara Advani Hot Bikini Pictures Went Viral

Kiara Advani Bikini Hot Pictures Lifehyme
These days Bollywood celebrities are celebrating New Year in the most spectacular places of the world. Kiara Advani has also posted some new hot pictures on her Instagram. In these pictures, she is seen relaxing on the seashore. However, it... Read more