10 Positive Good Morning Quotes to Start Your Day

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Good morning, everyone! It’s a new day, and a fresh start for us all. Every morning is an opportunity to begin anew, to make the most of the day ahead, and to live life to the fullest. Whether you’re just... Read more

50+ Golf Quotes For Relieving the Stress

Golf Game Stress Relieving Game Lifehyme
Golf is littered with great quotes from players and managers. Mark Twain once wrote playing golf was a good way to spoil a walk through the pasture. There is no doubt that, Golf is also a game of honor and... Read more

54 Best Inspirational Wisdom Quotes That’ll Motivate You

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People often live authentically and feel embarrassed to give their opinions and views to other people, as they fear that others might make fun of their views. Life deals us all a measure of stress. We can be focusing on... Read more

Top 10 Motivational Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Motivational Quotes Lifehyme
Soldier, statesman, writer and explorer, Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th president of the United States. His enormous energy and zest for life made him one of America’s moat flamboyant leaders. Roosevelt served as assistant secretary of the Navy before resigning... Read more